Vehicle Storage

Boat Parking & Vehicle Storage in Sarasota, FL

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You live in Sarasota, surrounded by water with lakes to the East and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, so chances are you’ve got some big toys. Do you hit the water in your boat every weekend, but you’re tired of filling up half your driveway with your favorite toy? We can solve that problem. Do you take off, headed North in your RV when the chill of winter fades? You don’t need that home away from home taking up space on your property. We can help. We have the RV storage and boat storage you require to keep your vehicles safe and secure until you need them. This site has AI enabled cameras with guards actively watching, fences, gates, access controls.

Fully Enclosed Drive Up Vehicle Storage

We have many fully enclosed drive up storage that are 12’ wide – fantastic for vehicles. That couple of extra feet of width makes a big difference when opening doors! They are also trickle charger ready with plug in’s. Doors are 8’ x 8’ and drive aisles are generally 25’ wide, often more. You can access the property with your gate code 5:00 am to midnight daily. In storage lighting is a nice plus. Give us a call to get yours set up!

Boat Storage, Trailer Storage & RV Storage

The same great fully enclosed drive up storage above can be used for toys and trailers, but bear in mind the drive aisle widths. 25’ is enough for a lot of trailers, but not while attached to a truck. So if it is on a trailer, you probably want it to be something you can roll in by hand that can go thru an 8’ x 8’ door opening.

BIG Storage for Big Toys

Alternately, rent one of our 20’ x 50’ commercial units for LOTS of storage and a big 12’ x 10’ door. The drive aisle here is far wider and can go up to 60’.